Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Over the weekend I had two different experiences with movies.

On Friday, Melissa and I went to see Watchmen...I was so disappointed. The story was garbage, the acting was horrible (except Jackie Earle Haley) and Dr. Manhattan's large penis was not what I wanted to see on the screen. Everytime the good doctor was on the screen, there was the "Please don't pan below his waist" feeling and then of course they did. That was $17 and two and a half hours that we can never reclaim. It was so bad that a fellow patron behind us while exiting the theater said, "We would have been better off seeing a chick flick," and I am in total agreement.

On Saturday, Melissa's mother and sisters planned a viewing of Twilight. Jaxon and Logan wanted to see Grandma and Bradan so I and they accompanied Melissa to Orem. Bradan was with his dad, so I took the boys to see a movie. They of course wanted to see different movies. Logan wanted Mall Cop and Jaxon wanted Race to Witch Mountain. I told them that we would see the next movie playing when we got to the theater. We missed Mall Cop by 20 minutes, poor Logan. We got the tickets and went to see Witch Mountain and guess what...It was good. The boys loved it, and I enjoyed watching them enjoy it. When it was over we had mall food for dinner and then picked up Melissa (they were just finishing) and headed home. Logan was wasted and soon fell asleep, but Jaxon spent the next hour expounding on the explosions, car chases, slot machines and trains in the movie. His one request is that when the movie comes out on DVD we get it, but "it has to be on Blue Ray."

I am glad that we have the opportunity for good and bad choices. Choosing the bad sometimes always makes choosing the good that much better. I love to watch the world through the eyes of my children. They spend so little time in that stage that I am glad that I can live it sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you put this up - because I was really wanting to see Watchmen, right up till I read this. I'll save the time and money now. *sigh*