Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cub Scout Extracurricular Activities

Everybody knows about the Pinewood Derby that Cub Scouts participate in. But how many know of the Space Derby? Last night our pack had their Space Derby. Because I have two boys of Cub Scout age, we had two rockets to build. Thank goodness for a grandpa who doesn't mind helping out a little bit with this kind of thing, and who happens to have tools. We were able to get the rockets shaved and sanded, but then we had quite a few cold days and snowstorms that didn't permit the spray painting of the rockets. This didn't get accomplished until Monday this week. Tuesday, Daddy had to bring the rockets to work with him so that all of the knife work could get done (you know...the fins and the holder). Daddy actually got a co-worker to draw some flames on the ships so that the boys could have something other than just plain gold or black rockets. By the time Daddy left work, the knife stuff was completed and Grandpa had the Super Glue waiting to glue all the fins in place. When we got to the Pack Meeting, we still had to assemble the propellers with the rubber bands and all of thier accessories. WHEW! The races finally started and each of the rockets won at least one of their heats. The boys were happy with their rockets and I am glad I don't have to do that again for at least another year, then it is the Raingutter Regatta. Oooh boy!


Life as the mother of 4 said...

Thankfully I'm done with that as well!

Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you that your boys have sprouted since I saw them - gosh, they're huge! Growing up fast, I see.