Sunday, April 5, 2009


Both Melissa and Jaxon are celebrating birthdays this week. Also this week, Mr. Hardy, Jaxon's 4th grade teacher is celebrating his birthday. To have the children enjoy this as well, he invited all of his students to the movie "Monsters vs. Aliens" on Saturday. We thought it was a great thing and took Jaxon and even bought tickets to see it ourselves. We showed up just before Mr. Hardy and were able to talk a little to him. He was excited to share this with his students and his young daughter. We told him that we would try to save seats for the kids.

It is amazing how rude some people can be when they are in public. I myself have been that rude person. However, when somebody says they are saving some seats for a group of children at a children's movie, why would you give them a hard time. But some people think they are better than everybody else and eventually the two rows of seats that we had tried to save were impinged upon by rude people. By the time Mr. Hardy came in, he had to find a seat up at the top of the theater and very few of the children got to sit together. All because rude people have to have their way.

I think that all of us really enjoyed the movie and I really want Mr. Hardy to know how much we enjoyed coming out to the movie to celebrate his birthday with him.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


When you are going thru high school, anything you participate in after school is extracurricular. After you grow up, anything after work should be called the same. If that is true, we adults should get varsity letters every year. Last year in Cub Scouts, the year before was photography.

For my varsity letter this year, I am going for Fly Fishing. I signed up for a community education class. I am hoping to learn and also to take the boys and then learn more. This week we learned casting. I borrowed my dad's rod and was trying to learn the technique and doing what I thought was a good job. One of the instructor's helpers came up at the end of the class and asked to try the rod. He seemed to be enjoying it and talking at the same time. He mentioned that he would not use the rod...not because it was a bad rod, but because the rod could be worth quite a bit of money and if it was broken during use, I would be out a good rod and would not have the ability to replace it because it had no warranty. Wow! I was not expecting that.

So now I have to buy a new rod, hopefully one that can be replaced if broken, because using Murphy's Law, there are two types of fly rods...broken ones and ones going to be broken.

The class has four more lessons and three fishing trips. I am going to enjoy that so much. And then I am going to introduce it to the boys. I am really looking forward to my new extracurricular activity.