Thursday, February 19, 2009


When I was discharged from the USN in 1986, it was an honorable discharge under medical conditions. I contracted asthma while on active duty and could not maintain combat rediness. Thus, the military found a way to cut the budget by getting me out of service. After the discharge, I was evaluated by the Veteran's Administration and was declared 10% disabled and was awarded disability compensation. When discharged, I was given a severance package and that money had to be collected back, so it took 15 years for the Veteran's Administration to collect my severance back with my monthly check. Well, in November, I decided that I had enough of shortness of breath and went to the Disabled American Veterans Association and asked for help in getting re-evaluated. I had an appointment before Christmas and then one after for evaluation purposes. Today I received notice that they increased my disability award to 30% compensation. WhooooHoooo! With that size of award, there will be more benefits available and I will pursue every one of them because I deserve them.

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