Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning

We were hoping to be in our own house by now...things went wrong. We started the process in April and May of this year thinking that by the time school started we would be in and going. We found a house we liked, made an offer that was acepted, had the house inspected and appraised. Everything seemed to be going well. However, because of a 610 credit score, our mortgage wouldn't come thru and at the end of July a cash offer for the house we wanted came to the seller and we were out. The credit score would not come up and we are still in the same situtation. Our real estate agent and mortgage broker are sticking with us and hopefully soon we can get the process going again soon. We just do what we can do.


gdtownshende said...

That sucks. A co-worker once told me that a quick-and-dirty way to get your credit score up is to take out a small personal loan, say $1000. Stick the money in the bank. Don't use it for anything. Let it collect some interest for you. Have the loan be for a year. Then, take that money and pay it back in about four months' time. It takes a little time, but it does raise the score a bit for you.

gdtownshende said...

I'll add that I know it works, because I took out a $7500 debt-consolidation loan the year before last. It was a 5-year loan. I was able to pay it off in 14 months, and my credit score shot up like crazy. Not too long afterwards, I got my car paid off, too.

I may be out of work right now, but at least I'm debt-free. Makes me glad I took care of that debt before Sprint laid me off last May.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I'm sorry guys! How frustrating! I hope everything else is going well for you.